About Us
Offering services in Architecture and Planning, Richard Hill and Associates, P.C. is dedicated to creating architecture with pride that will serve and provide for its user’s purpose. In helping us complete this philosophy, we use the following management goals:

First, we believe in providing the client with exceptional service throughout the entire project. Careful consultation with our clients is especially important so that we can accurately provide for their needs.

Second, we believe in achieving cost-effective design while corresponding to an established schedule.

Finally, the quality of work produced by our firm is also very important. Richard Hill and Associates, P.C. has a positive record of producing well-designed buildings that are faithfully executed.

While the firm of Richard Hill and Associates, P.C. is only seventeen years old, the firm's philosophy of providing quality design services within the client's budget and required schedule is one that has been adhered to for thirty five years of serving clients.

The success of our projects is the result of addressing our client's needs from the early stages of programming the facility to the final punch list at the completion of the Construction Phase. A total design is what the firm and its design team will provide as a final result.

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